Opulent Treasures

White Cake Stands & Dessert Stands


Our collection of white cake stands and dessert stands add an elegant touch to your dessert table. Opulent Treasures signature chandelier accents to simple modern design create the perfect collection of complimentary entertaining pieces for any occasion. Our treasures are designed with the highest-quality materials to add charm & elegance to all your celebrations!

SHOP-preview WHITE chandelier square loopy cake stands.png

Chandelier Square Loopy Cake Stands

Chandelier Round Cake Stands

Orb Base Cake

SHOP-preview WHITE baroque cake stand opulent treasures.png

Cake Stand with Baroque Base

SHOP-preview WHITE Chandelier  8 cupcake stand .png

Chandelier 8 Piece Cupcake Stand

Chandelier Loopy Cake Plates

Simply Cake Stands

Crown Cake Stand

SHOP-preview WHITE rosebud chandelier dessert stand.png

Rosebud Dessert Stand

SHOP-preview WHITE chandelier 12 piece cupcake stand.png

Chandelier 12 Piece Cupcake Stand

Chandelier 2 Tier Dessert Stand

SHOP-preview WHITE chandelier ball base cake stand.png

Chandelier Ball Base Round Cakes (set of 3)

SHOP-preview WHITE cherry blossom cake stands.png

Cherry Blossom Cake Stands (set of 3)

SHOP-preview WHITE daisy cake stand.png

14" Daisy Swirl Cake Stand

SHOP-preview WHITE chandelier square cake stands set of 3.png

Chandelier Square Cake Stands (set of 3)

SHOP-preview WHITE 3 tier chandelier dessert stand.png

Chandelier 3 Tier Dessert Stand

SHOP-preview WHITE 12%22 single chandelier cake stand.png

12” Single Chandelier Round Cake Stand

SHOP-preview WHITE moroccan cake stand.png

Moroccan Jeweled Cake Stands (set of 3)

SHOP-preview WHITE Loppy band cake plate.png

Loopy Band Cake Plates (set of 3)