Opulent Treasures



How long has The Opulent Treasures Brand been in existence?

I started Opulent Treasures in 1995...starting this company from scratch....this has been such an amazing journey...lots of twists and turns along the way, which build character and keep your creativity flowing!  Creating the Chandelier Cake Stands, Chandelier Cupcake Holders, Metal Cake Stands and Entertaining Line has been the most rewarding experience!  I love all of our exceptionally talented clients and find it the biggest honor when Opulent Treasures has been chosen in the most beautiful events in peoples lives!  A very big Blessing and GOD WINK!

I purchased OPulent Treasures Designs and they didn't have your Name on the Product?

It is with PRIDE and INTEGRITY that we sell our pieces...We appreciate the Loyalty to the OPULENT TREASURES BRAND!

Can I pick up my order?

This service is not available at the warehouse due to liability issues.

What city does the merchandise ship from?

Los Angeles, CA.  Orders ship the next business and take 1-5 days for delivery, depending on your location.

What is your return policy?

All purchases are final.  Should a piece become damaged in shipping we will reship the goods.

For my special day I am unable to have an open flame … what should I do?

LED tea lights and tapers are available in stores and make for and easy solution. Also, a great back up plan for any outdoor events in case it's breezy day!

Can Opulent Treasures go in any room?

Yes, be creative and have fun …. they work indoors and outdoors and in every room!

Your pieces are so reasonable … how do you do it?

We design our own pieces and produce them in our factory, which keeps costs to a minimum and designs exclusive, so we are able to give you design, functionality, elegance and style for fabulous prices…..

I didn't order enough pieces for my event and now they are unavailable … what should I do?

All the pieces look stunning together and don't be afraid to have an eclectic mix of styles and colors! Your guests will be impressed!

How long will the pieces in Shop Treasures be available?

We will constantly be changing the collections we offer for sale and we suggest not waiting to make your purchase.

I broke a glass votive on my piece … where do I find a replacement?

Craft stores carry glass votives …. it doesn't need to be exactly the same type of votive, the flat glass votive cup can also fit on the piece.

I am missing a crystal on my lovely piece … can you send me a replacement crystal?

We don't stock individual crystals, but we suggest checking online or crafts stores. The missing crystal will go unnoticed due to the elegance of your piece!

I am retailer and would like to use my wholesale license to receive the discount … how do I proceed?

The pricing offered on the web site is a wholesale price.

If I purchase numerous pieces from Opulent Treasures … would I qualify for a discount?

For 20 pieces or more we will be offering a volume discount for shipping. Many retailers purchase in large volume and are able to sell below wholesale, but in order to service clients with smaller quantities our pricing will be different.